Artists Workshop  2017/2018 Program

September 2017

14th - Welcome Back Evening! This is our fall gathering to review the year’s program and events. Two Rivers Gallery Show in December, Theatre Northwest Themes and fundraiser, Studio Fair info, membership talks and supply notes. Memberships dues can be paid to Yvonne (El’ Treasurer). Feel free to bring a beverage.

We look forward to seeing all!!

21st - Wendy Framst with Portrait Drawing

28th - Elizabeth Eakin explores Perspective

October 2017

5th - Kathy Millard and Calligraphy - new and exciting.

12th -  Discuss ideas for our Studio Fair fundraiser and progress on the Rustad Galleria Show

19th - Gallery Opening

26th - Cheryl French's Mixed Media (Jack Bryan Room)

November 2017

2nd - Studio Fair

9th - Frances Gobbi- Word Portraits - A new take on creating an exciting portrait.

16th - Cards!!! with Yvonne & Sharron

23rd - Model Drawing

30th - Angie & Chris - Impressionism

December 2017

7th - AW Rustad Galleria Opening

14th - Christmas Cheer Evening - A chance to get together as friends before the busy holiday begins.

21st - January 4th - Happy Holidays everyone! No classes.

January 2018

11th - Model Drawing

18th - Laura Chandler - Acrylics…always fun!

25th - Gallery Opening

February 2018

1st - Wendy Framst and Watercolours

8th - RidgeSide Art Product Night - fun to see and play.

15th - Tenille will have something interesting. TBA

22nd - Carla Joseph - Exploring Acrylic Inks

March 2018

1st - Carla Joseph - More Acrylic Inks

8th - Gallery Opening

15th - Yvonne Sawkins shows us her take on pours.

22nd - 29th - Spring Break! No classes.

April 2018

5th - Elizabeth Eakin - Art/History

12th - Frances Gobbi - Watercolour Quilt Blocks

19th - Model Drawing

26th - Gallery Opening

May 2018

3rd - Journalling with Chris & Joanne

10th - AGM- The annual general meeting of the minds. A review of the year, the budget and future clubgoals. Executive reports and elections.

17th - Organic Printing with Yvonne & Sharron

24th -  Time to wrap things up with a gathering. Bidding happy summer to all! Bring a snack to share if you like and a beverage. 



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What a busy schedule you have, I hope you can still rest even a bit. Anyways, you schedule is really packed and I hope I could attend even once. I am a fan of arts and I really enjoy looking at paintings, sculpture etc. I've been attending different Gallery openings and I don't know but it really makes me feel good whenever I see different kinds of arts. I'll try to come on one of your events and meet the artists behind of the paintings. Thank you and I'll see you soon!

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