Thursday, May 18, 2017
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

All members please attend the Annual General Meeting.  The AGM will include a review of the year, the budget and future club goals as well as executive reports and elections. 

Due to allergies we request that attendees do not wear perfume or cologne to the workshop. Thanks for helping keep this a safe place to play for all.
May 18, 2017

Artists’ Workshop

Annual General Meeting - AGENDA

1.     Call to Order:

2.     Agenda Additions

3.     Minutes of the 2016 AGM

4.     Reports:

4.1.  President’s Report  – Sharron MacBride
4.2.  VP and Program Committee (attached) – Christina Watts
4.3.  Treasurer’s Report (attached) – Yvonne Sawkins
4.4.  Studio Fair – Cheryl French / Wendy Stevenson
4.5.  Community Liaison – Cheryl French / Sharron MacBride
4.6.  Art Gallery Report – Yvonne Sawkins / Dianne Reaville
4.7.  CAC Report – Sharron MacBride

Motion to accept the reports

5.     Election of Officers for Executive 2017-2018

5.1.  President
5.2.  Vice President
5.3.  Treasurer
5.4.  Secretary / Communications

Nominations for executives of 2017-2018


Motion to accept election of executive of 2017-2018

6.     Auxiliary Positions:

6.1.   CAC Rep
6.2.  Program Committee
6.3.  Music for Young Children Liaison
6.4.  Studio Fair Reps
6.5.  Community Liaison
6.6.  Art Gallery Liaison
6.7.  Archives
6.8.  Treasurer Trainee (Backup)
6.9.  Secretary / Communications Trainee (Backup)
6.10.  Phone Committee
6.11.  Grant/Funding Development Committee

7.     New Business

7.1.  Formation of Committee for Setting up at Theatre Northwest
7.2.  Two Rivers Gallery Rustad Exhibition – December 2017
7.3.  Fundraiser for 2017/2018
7.4.  Programs – Ideas/Participation
7.5.  Events – Spring Arts Bazaar / Art in the Park
7.6.  Decorating Room
7.7.  Printing Press
8.     Adjournment



05/31/2017 12:26pm

This meeting is very well about the elections and it is very important for political parties. Like this meetings makes the planing for sucess of the country. I am happy to share like this official post.

06/08/2017 11:28pm

Thank you for sharing this meeting announcement. It is a great help for members like us. I must say that seeing consistent updates in this website helps us be informed and updated. I have a busy schedule. That is why, my only time to be updated is during midnight when everyone is asleep.

06/08/2017 11:26pm

Thanks for the info!

06/15/2017 12:40pm

I wish I could visit this event... Maybe I will be able to do that next year.

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