Thursday, February 16th & 23rd, 2017
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
with Lynn Box

Class Info:

Join us for 2 class segments where we will be incorporating a variety of techniques to create an acrylic abstract!  There may be some colour theory....but I promise it will not hurt!!

Please bring:
  • support structure no smaller than 12"x16" - Canvas board, canvas paper or stretched canvas. (I have some from canvas paper from last time which anyone may use)
  • 3 primary colours - Yellow (hansa, aurileion eg), Blue (ultramarine, phathlo), Red (cadmium, aliziron crimson), White and Black - Leave your other colours at home, there are also two blues and a red that AW should use before it dries up.
  • Class 2 if you don't want to mix, bring burnt sienna, burnt umber, earth yellow tone.
  • GAC 500 - if you do not have some, AW has plenty.
  • brushes (the larger the better, smaller for the second class)
  • small paint roller (foam or soft)
  • pallette knives, scraping tools like old credit card
  • Items to impress into paint and make a mark
  • Acrylic skins made from primary colours, black and white. If you have or want to peel off your palettes.
  • narrow masking tape
  • chalk pastel
  • piece of string 12" long ( or 2 or 3 if you like)
  • any acrylic mediums you currently own
  • spray bottle
  • rag for spreading paint/mopping up - paper towel
  • sketch book
  • clothes that can get paint on them.
  • any other acrylic painting materials you use.

Due to allergies we request that attendees do not wear perfume or cologne to the workshop. Thanks for helping keep this a safe place to play for all.

Non-member drop-in fee is $10.

Please RVSP Sharron MacBride at OR use the below form if you are planning to attend so we can configure the room accordingly




02/16/2017 11:33pm

It's good to know that there are these kinds of workshops. I like the fact that you can learn a lot from these things. This will also improve one's creativity. For just $10, you can improve your art skills and that's great. Please post more of your incoming workshops.

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