Opening Reception: "Catalyst" & "Change" at Two Rivers Gallery

Thursday, October 20, 2016
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Meet at the Two Rivers Art Gallery for opening reception for these two exhibitions.

Catalyst - Allyson Glenn

Saskatoon artist Allyson Glenn is a figurative painter who specializes in portraiture and the figure. In Catalyst, her subjects are abstracted and combined with architecture, landscape, and interiors. In June 2012, Glenn discovered a substantive oil spill under her house.

This exhibition explores the artist’s personal experience of this event, offering insight into the psychological impact of contamination and the deeper meaning of how people relate to the environment. This project may provide testimony for those who live in proximity to oil and gas development and transportation sites, and who might question, “what would happen if…”  

Change - Various Artists

Two Rivers Gallery’s permanent collection continues to grow largely through the generosity of collectors and exhibiting artists. One of the functions of artwork in the collection is to document the world in which the artist and of, course, ourselves, live. Following themes woven throughout the 2016 exhibition year this exhibition will serve as a point of access to ideas around climate change. Though some work may address this theme directly, other work stems form periods prior to the kind of broad awareness of climate-based environmental change we understand today and stand as an interesting barometer of change.



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