Class Instructor: Donna Morrison
Donna Morrison has traveled the world, painting and displaying her art in renowned galleries.  She is the owner and operator of Life Lessons Fine Art Studios where she offers natural drawing classes and acrylic and oil painting classes.

Thursday, February 25, 2016
7:00 pm-9:00 pm

Learn about and explore biomorphism!  This class will focus on biomorphic abstraction processes using the fundamentals of colour, line and organic form.  Historical works from Georgia O'Keeffe will be studied, then we get hands on  with our own organic abstract works of art while adhering to the basic design principles covered.

Due to severe allergies we request that attendees do no wear perfume or cologne to the workshop.  Thanks for helping us keep this a safe place to play for all!

Materials to bring to class:
  • Water based paints (acrylic, watercolour, tempera, gouache etc)
  • Inks, pens or brushes
  • Papers, canvas or other preferred surphaces to paint on
  • Charcoal, chalks, or conte's etc
  • Objects or images from nature:  rocks, driftwood, seashells, bones (bleached for sanitation), beads, twigs etc!

Non-Member drop in fee is $10.

Please RSVP Sharron MacBride at OR use the below form if you are planning to attend so we can configure the studio space accordingly.

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