Thursday November 5, 2015

7pm - 9pm

Class Instructors:
CFree, Sharron MacBride & Christina Watts

Join us this Thursday for a unique triad workshop on STEAM PUNK!  Learn how to collide the industrial 19th century steam powered machines into your art by from 3 different concepts.  Be inspired and get your gears going in this steamy class!

Materials to bring:
  • Watercolours or Acrylic paints or Drawing/Charcoal & the supplies to use them
  • 200 to 300lb cold press Arches watercolour paper (if using watercolours)
  • small canvas or wood panel board for acrylic
  • single hole punch
  • glue, modge podge or matt medium to stick things down
  • Silver, Bronze, Gold or Copper paint or metal creams
  • q-tips and paper towels
  • ANY or ALL of these gizmos:  small gears, watch parts, old jewellery, chains, springs, buttons, keys, scraps of fabric, ribbon or metal you find interesting. Leaves, silk flowers, petals.  Drawings or photos of anything Victorian or antique style objects, including animals, people, bicycles, faeries, windows, doors or any memorabilia you like!

Non-Member class fee is $10

Please RSVP so we can configure the workshop accordingly.  Thanks!

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Harold Little
11/03/2015 8:40am

Kris Vignal
11/03/2015 2:07pm

Fun! Coming!!!

11/05/2015 11:21am

Kim asked to me let you know she is coming too. See you tonight.

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